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Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid Cars For Sale in NZ

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Used Car For Sale from Japan
2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid
1,217kms | Automatic | 1500cc | Petrol Hybrid
$64,690 or $306 Wkly

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Alfa Romeo Tonale Petrol Hybrid Cars

Alfa Romeo has revealed its new compact SUV, the Tonale Petrol Hybrid. It is named after the Tonale Pass in Northern Italy, which offers a perfect drive through magnificent scenery and exciting corners.

The hybrid model includes an internal combustion engine and an electric motor that together deliver 240 horsepower with Alfa Romeo's advanced Q4 all-wheel-drive system. This setup allows for responsive handling and swift acceleration on New Zealand's winding roads while also delivering better fuel efficiency than traditional gas-only engines. With a top speed of around 220 km/h, the Alfa Romeo Tonale promises an enjoyable driving experience.

This car is equipped with safety features such as forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and rearview camera to keep passengers safe during their journey. For convenience, it comes standard with keyless entry and push-button start making entry easy as well as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay integration giving you seamless connectivity options. The interior features sporty seats wrapped in high-quality materials as well as leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The car exterior follows the style of current Alfa Romeo models which emphasize the brand's dynamic Italian flair, like slim LED headlights that stretch far into the sides of the bodywork and a familiar ‘trilobo’ motif at both ends of the car’s distinctive grille.

One of its key strengths lies in its impressive eco-friendliness - it boasts an eco-friendly ethos using recycled materials throughout production without sacrificing performance nor compromising comfort level inside or ride quality over NZ road surfaces which can vary greatly from town to town. Not only is it good for reducing our carbon footprint but makes us aware of choosing responsibly manufactured products for future generations.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale will make for a stunning addition to the local automotive market given its good looks combined with world-class engineering abilities providing smoothness when traveling down city streets but when we find ourselves wanting to escape to less travelled routes- it really shines giving drivers plenty of versatility when hitting dirt roads around remote locations throughout New Zealand’s vast terrain areas offering enjoyment whatever lifestyle pursuits desired are possible with such versatility offered by this amazing SUV!

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