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Alfa Romeo Tonale Cars For Sale in New Zealand

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Used Car For Sale from Japan
2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid
1,217kms | Automatic | 1500cc | Petrol Hybrid
$64,690 or $306 Wkly

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Alfa Romeo Tonale Cars

Alfa Romeo's new SUV offering, the Tonale, has recently been unveiled and is set to make its way onto the New Zealand market soon. The Tonale is a compact SUV that embodies all of Alfa Romeo's classic sporty characteristics while still being practical for everyday driving in New Zealand.

With its distinctive front end design and sleek lines, the Tonale looks impressive on the road. It's powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain that offers both performance and efficiency, which is becoming increasingly important in New Zealand as people move towards more sustainable transportation options. This hybrid engine delivers 180 horsepower with all-wheel drive, providing excellent traction on New Zealand roads that can often be challenging due to wet or icy conditions.

Inside, the Tonale's interior combines modern technology with classic Alfa Romeo style. A large infotainment screen dominates the center console, while a digital dashboard display keeps drivers informed of vital vehicle data such as speed and fuel levels. As well as this technological innovation, there is also plenty of storage space within the cabin to accommodate families or individuals traveling longer distances.

Safety features are also prevalent in this compact SUV, making it perfect for New Zealand driving conditions where unexpected hazards may occur frequently on the roads. These features include lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking system.

Additionally, like other Alfa Romeos available in New Zealand, customers will have access to exclusive services such as an online concierge service who can help schedule regular servicing appointments or help with technical queries about their car.

Overall, Alfa Romeo has made an excellent addition to its line-up with the Tonale which will undoubtedly appeal to buyers looking for a sporty yet practical SUV suited for daily commutes around town as well as longer journeys out of urban centers into rural areas across NZ's diverse terrain types.

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