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Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Petrol Hybrid Cars For Sale in NZ from the United Kingdom

Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Petrol Hybrid used cars for sale from car dealers in the United Kingdom.
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Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class GLE500e
98,170kms | Automatic | 2996cc | Plug-In Petrol Hybrid
$76,990 or $364 Wkly

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Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Petrol Hybrid Cars

The Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Petrol Hybrid is a vehicle that perfectly balances power and efficiency. With its innovative technology, the car can achieve impressive fuel economy while still offering impressive acceleration and top speeds.

This vehicle is perfect for New Zealand driving conditions, as it combines the best of both worlds: the petrol engine offers enough power to navigate steep hills and rough terrain, while the electric motor provides smooth acceleration at lower speeds, reducing emissions and fuel consumption in stop-and-go traffic.

The Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Petrol Hybrid boasts a high-voltage lithium-ion battery which can be charged at home or at one of New Zealand's growing network of charging stations. With this technology, the car can drive in all-electric mode for up to 50km (31 miles) on a single charge, making it an ideal option for those with shorter daily commutes.

Another great feature of this car is its versatility. The plug-in hybrid system allows drivers to choose between three driving modes: E-Mode (pure electric), Hybrid Mode (uses both electric and petrol), and Charge Mode (charges the battery while driving). This means drivers have greater control over their fuel consumption depending on their needs.

In terms of design, the Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Petrol Hybrid features a sleek exterior that will turn heads on New Zealand roads. The interior is equally impressive, with luxury finishes and modern features such as dual-zone climate control, a high-quality infotainment system with satellite navigation, smartphone integration and driver assist functions like adaptive cruise control.

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Petrol Hybrid is an exceptional vehicle for drivers looking for superior performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Its ability to seamlessly switch between petrol and electric modes makes it perfect for navigating varied terrain in New Zealand. It's also well-suited for eco-conscious buyers who want to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying luxury features and excellent performance capabilities.

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