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Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS350d Used Cars For Sale in NZ

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Used Car For Sale from New Zealand
2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS350d Turbo
197,977kms | Automatic | 2987cc | Diesel

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Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS350d Cars

The Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS350d Turbo is a luxurious full-size SUV designed for families who desire both style and function. Equipped with advanced features and the latest technology, this car is a true embodiment of excellence.

Underneath its hood lies a 3.0L V6 diesel engine which delivers 190 kW of power and 600 Nm of torque, enabling the car to reach 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds. Its fuel efficiency is also remarkable, allowing drivers to enjoy an average of 7.6 L/100km.

The exterior design of the GLS350d Turbo is sleek and stylish, with its powerful lines exuding both elegance and confidence. Its bold grille, sporty bumper, and LED headlights make it stand out from other vehicles on the road. The interior is equally impressive, featuring luxurious materials like leather seats and wood trim that provide both comfort and sophistication.

One of the key selling points of this car is its advanced safety features. The GLS Class comes equipped with nine airbags including front knee airbags, adaptive brake lights which flash during hard stops, lane keeping assist to ensure you don't drift out of your lane accidentally while driving on long roads common in New Zealand, blind spot monitoring so that when changing lanes the driver has extra visual cues that there are cars around him/her especially useful during night drives or bad weather conditions, adaptive cruise control system that automatically maintains safe distances between your vehicle and others ahead- great feature for navigating through winding mountainous roads in New Zealand!

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS350d Turbo offers outstanding performance on all fronts- from power to luxury- making it an excellent choice for families seeking premium class travel comfort within any driving terrain. It's one car that can go from rocky terrains to urban streets effortlessly without sacrificing performance!

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