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Mercedes-Benz GLE Class GLE400d Used Cars For Sale in NZ

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Used Car For Sale from Japan
2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class GLE400d 4WD Turbo
15,000kms | Automatic | 2900cc | Diesel
$121,750 or $511 Wkly
Used Car For Sale from Japan
2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class GLE400d 4WD Turbo
28,165kms | Automatic | 2900cc | Diesel
$107,850 or $453 Wkly

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Mercedes-Benz GLE Class GLE400d RV-SUV Diesel Cars

The Mercedes-Benz GLE Class GLE400d RV-SUV Diesel 4wd - 4x4 Turbo car is a remarkable vehicle designed to handle New Zealand's unique and challenging driving conditions. This diesel-powered SUV provides the power and performance necessary to tackle rough terrain while maintaining the comfort and luxury that Mercedes is known for.

The GLE400d RV-SUV is equipped with a powerful V6 turbocharged diesel engine, which provides an impressive 243 kW of power and an outstanding torque of 700 Nm. The combination of its impressive engine, advanced transmission, and responsive handling makes this SUV suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures. Moreover, the innovative AIRMATIC air suspension technology helps absorb any rough patches on the road or bumpy terrains, resulting in a smooth ride for drivers and passengers.

One thing that sets the GLE400d apart from other SUVs in New Zealand is its four-wheel drive system. This system ensures that power is distributed evenly across all four wheels to improve traction on slippery surfaces or uneven terrains. Coupled with this, this car has features like Hill-start assist that comes into play when parking in a tight space where movement is crucial or heading up steep hills making it easy for one who enjoys getting off the beaten track in comfort.

Inside the cabin of this Mercedes-Benz SUV is luxurious. Comfortable seating along with smart devices integration allow hands-free controls for your phone and other gadgets with safety features that prevent distractions while driving by allowing you to stay focused ahead while controlling audio playing through the sound system through voice commands or a touchpad screen display. Ambient lighting systems complete a very upscale appearance in its leather-trimmed cabin.

Overall, The Mercedes-Benz GLE Class GLE400d RV-SUV Diesel 4wd - 4x4 Turbo cars offer optimal performance even under severe conditions with exceptional reliability capabilities making it an excellent choice for adventurous drivers looking to go off-roading without compromising luxury at hand.

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