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Audi A6 Sedan Hybrid Cars For Sale in NZ

Buy used Audi A6 Sedan Hybrid cars from dealers in New Zealand, Japan or the UK.
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Used Car For Sale from Japan
2019 Audi A6 TFSi
Reduced by $6,940
51,037kms | Automatic | 3000cc | Petrol Hybrid
$47,950 or $227 Wkly

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Audi A6 Sedan Petrol Hybrid Cars

The Audi A6 Sedan Petrol Hybrid is a luxury car that offers both performance and fuel efficiency. With a combination of a 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor, this hybrid vehicle delivers impressive power while maintaining lower emissions and better fuel economy.

One of the benefits of the Audi A6 Sedan Petrol Hybrid is its ability to drive solely on electric power for up to 53 kilometers, making it ideal for short commutes or city driving. The gasoline engine then takes over when more power is required, providing a seamless transition that optimizes performance.

This hybrid sedan is also equipped with a regenerative braking system, which captures energy from braking and stores it in the battery pack to be used later. This feature not only enhances fuel efficiency but also reduces wear and tear on brake pads.

In terms of design, the Audi A6 Sedan Petrol Hybrid boasts sleek lines and modern styling, coupled with an elegant interior that exudes sophistication. The cabin offers ample space for passengers and luggage, making it ideal for long journeys or family trips.

Furthermore, this car comes equipped with advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning systems. These features help keep drivers safe on New Zealand's winding roads and busy highways.

Overall, the Audi A6 Sedan Petrol Hybrid is an excellent choice for drivers who value both performance and fuel efficiency. Its advanced technology combined with luxurious design make it an attractive option in the New Zealand market.

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