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Aston Martin Used Cars For Sale in NZ

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Used Car For Sale from Japan
2021 Aston Martin DBX 4WD
9,000kms | 9 Speed Tiptronic | 4000cc | Petrol
$295,650 or $1,238 Wkly
Used Car For Sale from Japan
2021 Aston Martin DBX 4WD
Reduced by $20,740
9,400kms | Automatic | 4000cc | Petrol
$241,250 or $1,011 Wkly
Used Car For Sale from Japan
2022 Aston Martin DBX 4WD
4,220kms | Automatic | 4000cc | Petrol
$281,290 or $1,178 Wkly
Used Car For Sale from Japan
2021 Aston Martin DBX 4WD
Reduced by $23,360
33,000kms | Automatic | 4000cc | Petrol
$242,190 or $1,015 Wkly

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Aston Martin Cars

Aston Martin is known for making high-performance luxury sports cars, and their 4wd or 4x4 models are no exception. These cars are equipped with a four-wheel-drive system that ensures exceptional handling, stability and traction in all weather conditions, including wet or slippery roads, icy conditions or snow.

In New Zealand's diverse landscape, 4x4 vehicles can prove to be especially useful. Whether it's driving through muddy off-road tracks, winding coastal roads or navigating mountainous terrains; these vehicles offer the ability to handle any situation without compromising on luxury or comfort. Aston Martin's advanced four-wheel-drive technology distributes torque between front and rear wheels in response to changing road conditions, enhancing performance while providing an enjoyable driving experience.

The Aston Martin 4wd lineup includes popular models like the DBX, a luxurious crossover SUV perfect for long family drives around New Zealand. It has spacious interiors with comfortable leather seats and high-tech infotainment systems to keep passengers entertained throughout the journey.

For thrill-seekers who enjoy hitting the race track or carving through winding roads in remote areas of the country; Aston Martin Vantage offers outstanding performance thanks to its lightweight aluminium architecture and potent V8 engine paired with its all-wheel drive technology which results in remarkable acceleration rates from 0-100km/h (62mph) within seconds.

For drivers who crave the utmost luxury in an off-road vehicle, there is nothing better than an Aston Martin Super Sportscar – the DBS Superleggera Volante – which is fitted with an incredibly powerful V12 engine and extensive carbon fibre components which make it incredibly light despite its size. The unique all-wheel-drive system coupled with impressive suspension tuning delivers unsurpassed performance regardless of how challenging New Zealand roads may become.

In conclusion, Aston Martin's 4wd - 4x4 lineup features luxurious sports cars with sophisticated engineering that promises a remarkable driving experience while exploring New Zealand’s scenic routes while still retaining capability to perform under all driving situations.

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