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What is Autopay?

Autopay gives you an easy way to pay the 10% deposit, with an initial payment followed by 6 weekly payments. No interest or fees when you pay on time.

How do I apply for Autopay?

You're automatically approved when you put your car finance through Autoport. No applications, no hassle and no extra time. Please Note: Your finance must be with Autoport to get Autopay.

How do I make payments?

We'll either charge your credit card each week or a weekly automatic payment from your bank account, or a mix of both credit card and direct payment.

Fees only on late payments.

As long as you make your payments on time, there are no fees or other costs. It's a service unique to Autoport's car buying experience! We'll email you the schedule and reminders so there are no surprises.

Show me an example.

Car purchase amount:


10% deposit due on invoice:


Cash you have right now:


Balance to Autopay:

Autopay spreads the $1,500 balance over 6 easy, equal weekly payments.

Autopay payments:

$250 x 6 weeks

What is the term?

There's an initial payment amount we agree on and then 6 equal weekly payments.

Can I make additional payments?

Of course. Just make a payment to our ASB Trust account and let us know how much it is. We'll adjust the amounts left to pay so you can adjust the bank AP.

If you pay on time we won't charge any fees. If you miss a payment a $10 default fee or 5% of the missed payment (whichever is greatest) is added to you account with an extra $10 or 5% for every week it's outstanding.

Please make sure the amount is available prior to the payment being due. If you default your details may be passed onto a Collections agency and your Credit Score negatively impacted. That might mean a higher interest rate, or your finance being cancelled.

Autopay is provided by Autoport Limited

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