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Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS550 Used Cars For Sale in NZ

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Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS550 RV-SUV Cars

The Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS550 RV-SUV 4wd - 4x4 is a luxurious, versatile and high-performance car that caters to those who seek a powerful, yet sophisticated driving experience. This SUV is built to withstand the challenges of New Zealand's diverse terrain and driving conditions while providing comfort and convenience for all passengers.

This spacious vehicle has enough room for seven adults, with comfortable leather seating in each row. It also boasts an ample cargo space which can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of the driver and passengers.

The GLS550 is equipped with an advanced AIRMATIC suspension system that ensures a smooth ride on rough roads and adapts to varying loads. It has all-wheel drive which enhances its capability on both on-road and off-road terrains. Its dynamic select feature allows drivers to customize their driving mode to fit different driving situations including slippery, sporty or economical.

In terms of safety features, the GLS550 has advanced technology such as automatic emergency braking system, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring system, lane-keeping assist and parking assistance technology among others which offer drivers additional peace of mind during long journeys.

Under the hood is a powerful twin-turbo V8 engine that produces an impressive output of 450 horsepower. With this power at your fingertips, you will be able to tackle even the toughest terrain while still having ample acceleration and speed when needed.

Finally, if you love entertainment features in your vehicle, then the GLS550 doesn't disappoint as it comes standard with two 12-inch screens positioned behind front seats. The infotainment system provides easy access to navigation maps and entertainment apps through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay connectivity options.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-performing SUV that combines luxury with power and off-road capabilities perfect for New Zealand’s diverse road conditions then look no further than the Mercedes-Benz GLS Class GLS550 RV-SUV 4wd - 4x4!

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