Privacy Policy

Autoport uses its best endeavours to protect your privacy at all times when using this website or any of its services (herein referred to as
Personal Information

Autoport only stores information about you personally as is provided by you for the general use of or whereby you have updated your information through the functions available on

Autoport may keep information about your use of and the content you access, but this information is solely held to assist in the provision of services to you, verifying your identity or the enforcement of our Terms and Conditions.

Autoport keeps track of the IP address from which you access This information is primarily used to help to verify your identity and to assist with the secure operation of the website.

Email and Other Notifications

Autoport may send you email such as newsletters and other communication over and above certain email that you have chosen to receive. Each email will contain clear and obvious instructions how you can prevent further emails of that type being sent to you.

Some email messages that are sent to you may contain links to that contain "Login Tokens" that will automatically log you into for your convenience if you click on them. These Login Tokens are only valid for 24 hours from the time they are sent to you. If you forward an email that contains a Login Token within this 24 hour period, the recipient may click on that link and thereby end up logged into as you. Any email that contains links using Login Tokens will show clear instructions on how to disable the Login Tokens in that particular email message so that you can safely forward it within the 24 hour period. Instructions on how to permanently disable Login Token so that they are never used in any email sent to you will also be included.


When requesting that your password be reset will send you a temporary password that must be changed the first time you log on using it. Your password is stored in an encrypted format and cannot be retrieved by anyone including Autoport staff if you forget it. You can reset your password to a temporary one by selecting the "forgot password" option on the login menu or by contacting us directly.

You are responsible for all actions taken when using your password. You should not disclose your password to anyone and always Log Out of the website when you have finished your activities.


Autoport uses various technologies, including cookies and local storage, to collect and store information about you when you visit Cookies and local storage allow us to store information (including your personal information) in a file on the device you use to access Cookies and local storage are commonly used on most websites.

Autoport uses "session" cookies to temporarily store information to make using easier. Session cookies expire immediately when you close your browser or are deleted after 30 minutes of no activity on

Autoport also uses "persistent" cookies and local storage to personalise and to help protect you. Persistent cookies allow us to track users activities on A persistent cookie is also stored when you select the "Remember Me" option when logging in. This cookie is removed if you log out.