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A word from our founding director, David Paviour.

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A word from our founding director, Hamish Lusk.

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A word from our most recent director, Graham Hill.

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Just how worth while is a single short test drive?

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December 2018 Newsletter

The team at Autoport wish you and your families a wonderful and a safe break over the festive season. Thank you for your ongoing support this year.
2018 has been a break out year in many respects for Autoport – all the exciting stuff can be read below. We look forward to working closely with you in 2019 as we continue to grow and change the way people buy cars.
David, Hamish, Graham and the rest of the Autoport Team.



Benefits of Buying Cars Online
10 years ago would you have bought your clothes online without trying them on? Today everyone is doing it. The same is now happening with cars and Autoport is leading the way. We are here to help you find the car that is right for you – NOT just sell you a car.

The Consumer saves 10-20% through Autoport disrupting the traditional supply chain of cars. We are achieving this by reducing the number of businesses “clipping the ticket” along the way by buying direct out of Japan and UK. In addition we don’t have the unnecessary overheads of car yards and the financial costs associated with holding an inventory of cars.

You can have complete confidence in buying online with Autoport’s no obligation, 5 day money back guarantee and 12 month mechanical warranty (most cars) included and also being covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

With 000’s of cars online to choose from, Autoport has the car that is right for you - saving you precious time looking. Autoport can also provide finance at $0 cash down and take your existing car as a trade-in.

Expanding Number of Suppliers

Earlier this year David and Graham visited a number of car suppliers in Japan. One of our core values is to collaborate strongly – especially with our Suppliers. The level of interest in our new B2C platform from these companies exceeded our expectations. Early in 2019 the Consumer will visibly see the benefit of these expanding relationships with a greater volume and variety of cars being listed on our website.


Launch of Affiliate Partner Program

A key aspect for any business to succeed is to have a strong referral base. At Autoport we are no different - that is why we launched our Affiliate Partner Program.
This is a two way partnership where we reward people / businesses financially for directing people to through the use of our Promo Cards. We also give businesses that refer business our way the opportunity to promote their business / include an offer of some sort to our car purchasers in our “Welcome Pack”.
If you know of anyone that would be interested in joining our Affiliate Partner Program please ask them to contact us – there is no cost to join.


Brand Refresh
March this year saw the launch of Autoport’s new Retail platform (B2C). We have also taken the opportunity to refresh the Autoport brand. The website has a lighter look and feel, and a wider use of graphics and video . Go online and listen to David’s (Co-Founder) video talking about Autoport’s incredible 20+ year heritage. There is now also a timeline of Autoport’s history including the sale of AutoBase to Trade Me in 2012. Our website also talks about Autoport’s values – how we go about our business.


Strengthening NZ Dollar
The last 3 months has seen the NZD strengthen substantially against the UK British Pound (GBP) and the Japanese Yen (JPY) giving the NZ Consumer greater purchasing power. There is no better time than now to take advantage of this and purchase a car out of UK or Japan through Autoport.

AA Smartfuel Partnership

This year there was lots of media coverage around Consumers experiencing “pain at the pump”. Fuel prices were skyrocketing with increased government and regional taxes and for a period of time crude oil as a commodity was on the rise.
Autoport thought we could ease the pain Consumers were feeling by offering 50 cents litre off each month, for 6 months for anyone that buys a car through Autoport. This is on ongoing promotion initiative for Autoport.


Social Media / Brand Influencers

Given Autoport sells cars online – having an effective digital marketing strategy is essential. Over the last few months we have ramped up our social media presence on 5 key platforms – Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn , Twitter and YouTube . Each week we try and bring a variety of new and interesting motoring news items as well as our weekly car specials .
As part of this strategy we have partnered with a few Brand Influencers that have a high social media following such as Kyle Mills – ex Black Cap cricketer and Shea Ili – current Tall Black basketballer. Keep an eye out in the New Year for others.


Partnership with
David and Hamish (Co-Founders) played a big part in Trade Me Motors success in the past. Today, NZME motor platform is challenging Trade Me’s market dominant position. Autoport is one of Driven’s largest car listing dealers with our cars getting great exposure on their website. Each week some 80,000 unique browsers visit the Driven website.


Big Boys Toys
In November Autoport exhibited at Big Boys Toys – this was the first tradeshow Autoport has been at. It was a great opportunity to push the Autoport name other than being online. The foot traffic over the 3 days was solid and gave the company great brand exposure. Terry C one of our highly valued members of NZ armed forces won the draw for 50 cents a litre off each month for 6 months.

Customer Testimonials
What drives us is our Customer First approach – we want to create raving fans.
Check out what just a small number of our Customers are saying about their online car buying experience has been - seamless and hassle free.