Get your finance through Autoport...
...and you'll get an even better deal!

We appreciate your business and we will reward you with an even sharper price if you put the finance through Autoport. We have a wide range of options. To start the process please Complete the Finance Questions. There's no obligation.

We will tailor options to suit you with an uncomplicated and transparent approach to help you make the best decision for your given situation. Approvals are usually done within an hour.

It's really easy to see if a vehicle fits into your budget.

First, search for a vehicle that you like and then click on the Finance tab at the top of the panel above the price.

You'll see the calculation below for Buy Now price including the deposit amount.

Then scroll down and click on the credit status the best describes your credit situation.

It pays to be truthful so the numbers adjust correctly to closely reflect your budget and credit situation.

No Deposit: we can arrange no deposit finance although usually it's a good idea to put something down.

Increase Your Deposit: Make payments while your vehicle is being shipped. Reduce the amount to borrow at no cost.

Deposit Refund: Have your deposit refunded by rolling it into the vehicle finance when you collect your car.

Deposit Impact: See exactly what changes when the deposit changes. See Increase Your Deposit above.

Once you've chosen the credit status, then select the term. Term means the length of loan in months.

Depending on your credit status, the term can be anywhere from 6 to 60 months.

We can accept 0% deposit but it’s best to find a deposit. We do need a deposit but can arrange a small personal loan to cover it.

HOT TIP 1: A larger deposit will reduce the weekly repayment amount and a smaller deposit will increase it.

HOT TIP 2: The minimum deposit is 0% through a small personal loan we can arrange, but you can always increase the deposit while your car is being shipped.

The weekly price displayed here is based on the Credit Status you have chosen, the Term and the Deposit % you've chosen.

Play around with these choices (especially deposit - see HOT TIP 2) until you get to the one that suits you best.

See how much the payment amount can change. You'll be a credit expert before you know it!

Want to have a chat or have a question?

Just call 0800 7000 44 or email Alternatively you can visit us and go through the options. We can complete the entire process in the office.

We are located in the beautiful grounds of the Ellerslie Racecourse (level 4 of the Ascot Stand).